The Contrast Between The Likes Of Pashteen And The So Called Liberal Lot

There is a tremendous difference between the activists of the likes of Manzoor Pashteen and the so called feminists and liberals.

While Pashteen dons his distinctive cultural shalwar qameez with his signature cap and half clads himself in typical black chaddar, He loves to talk in his mother tongue or in Urdu rather than haplessly imitating and trying a foreign accent of a foreign language and throwing around tantrums with all the talk nothing more than ‘like’, ‘you know’ and ‘yeah’. Probably, to him, speaking in verbose terms and trying at explaining a simple thing or phenomenon in complex manner and somehow linking it with Che Guvera and Lenin is simply a futile act – what should matter is not how you say a thing, its what you propose. Getting your message across is all that matters.

Pashteen can be seen as very humble person, that is, he doesn’t try to look down upon or despise people merely because they ask him questions about which they are oblivious or have limited knowledge, and he loves to clarify to them what he stands for. Also, if one watches his shows, one can infer right away from his manner of talking, breaks the answer in easy wordings, and presents to you in layman’s terms.

He might not have the charisma like that of a celebrity leader but he is one of a sort. He has successfully propagated his message across the whole country, especially among the Pukhtuns – and all this despite the fact that mainstream media has been reluctant in giving him a fair coverage, for which he and his friends devised the strategy of communicating with all the supporters through social media. He has gone to far flung places of Baluchistan, to some agencies of FATA wherein he has been particularly successful in rallying people despite, as mentioned earlier, the mainstream media plug. This clearly demonstrates the power of his words and his message and that it rightly reflects the sufferings and agonies of the people that he rallies.

Manzoor Pashteen has travelled to Lahore as well, where he met with students of universities like LUMS, which reflects on his part, that he doesn’t stand against the other ethnic segments of the country, rather he wants to gain their support to successfully achieve his objectives and rightful demands.

On the other hand, we have our so called Liberal and Feminist lot, that predominantly comes from the elite class of the country, who most probably never had any problem with the so called ‘Khana garam karlo’ kind of acts, or had any sort of discrimination in their families and most probably in the places where they live, study, or eat. In spite of this, they come out on streets, holding placards that clearly reflects their sick mentality – the one that is full of misandry and female jingoism. The problem, is this runs against the very fundament of Feminism.

The other issue with these so called Liberals is poor priorities of the issues that they want to address, most probably because their brothers and sisters in-creed in the West lead marches, organize movements and propagate their message, – all they want to do is to copy them, trying their best to reap some fame and name rather than focus on the issue at hand. They love mocking around a religious figure, terming little madrassa students as ‘little ISIS bots’, and hating almost everyone with a beard, and saying ‘People have gone to Mars, launched rockets in space, economy is worst of all time, debt touching the skies’ but when it comes to their priorities, they be like ‘lets talk about Menstruation Cycle, that is what we so desperately need to talk about and spread awareness’.

Moreover, Since they come from the top elite class of the society, they usually gather not more than fifty to hundred people at best to protest against an issue or lead a campaign. This is because their priorities don’t correspond with the majority of the people of this country. Also, they love to show up in very funky shape and shade, leave parlors after they have been transformed into white cakes, as they have to give interviews to the media people, to whom they try to explain their issues in a not so very simple way just to give them an impression that they know so much about a certain thing. Besides, they don’t know anything about struggle and leading a movement or how to protest, the best the can is to organize a candle light vigil for the sake of a photoshoot to be published in the media.

These are some of the basic differences that make me fan of such people as Pashteen not the so called self-appointed and self-proclaimed liberals and messiah for the downtrodden lot of the country.

*Note: This article might be controversial to some as it is to me. Some of the readers might think of Pashteen – as do I –  as the proxy of Afghanistan or at best playing in their hands but that shouldn’t matter as we should see what the person is talking about, not what or who he is.


Opportunist lot and Crises – Not a good Fit!

Ayesha with the means of her fame, name and success – Imran Khan

Yesterday the whole media was inundated with the news of renegade Ayesha Gulalai.

She has made some serious allegations against the party chairman, Imran Khan. She has alleged that Imran Khan sent her some text messages on her phone that were full of turpitude. Also, she said that Imran Khan is a drinker and often times parties at Banigala with his friends, and that at one instance she was asked to participate in such a party.

She touts her pseudo-amour propre but horribly fails to justify as to why she has been with Imran Khan for four years when she had received such messages four years back? Was she enjoying them? Why won’t she just distance herself from the party? Was she ready to barter her so called self-esteem for some gains in the form of party post, party ticket to contest elections, or some other material benefit? There are news of her being strongly inclined towards Imran Khan for the sake of marrying him.

She says that Imran Khan’s Black Berry phone should be investigated to see whether or not he sent her the messages. Well, If you say that you received those messages, you should have straightaway shown it in the press conference from you own phone. Why didn’t you do that?

The underlining fact is that she was a sleeper in PTI, who has now been unleashed by her masters. Amir Muqam of PML-N has reportedly met her a week ago, and offered her a huge sum of money. Well, money can make the mare go! PML-N can see that the Foreign Funding case is about to come out in PTI’s favor, and so is the case with Banigala case. This is why they have regressed back to their original style of politics, i.e. levelling baseless personal allegations, mud-slinging, slandering, etc.

Its a good trend of riddance to the turncoats that happen to be around for their own vested self-interest. Khan’s vision is our end, to be achieved by virtue of untiring struggle, persistence, courage to speak the truth, support the truth and what is good, and raise voice against what our conscience deems wrong. This is very difficult a thing to do, esp. in the face of such opposition aka league of the crooks.

But what irks me the most is when people play some infamous cards like victim card (of being discriminated against, not getting time to talk to the top brass, etc.), feminist card (for being ignored because of their gender), religious card (using religion in case they fail to meet their vested objectives), or nationalist card (by trying to be superior through race or ethnicity).

Sadly, Ayesha has used all of the above. She said, she cannot digest degradation of fellow women, allegedly, by party workers at the behest of their chairman, i.e. Imran Khan, and that she is a Pukhtun to whom nothing is dearer than her dignity. Well, I won’t say anything about her father, her own ‘westernized’ living style, westernized education, in addition to her political career – which is in total contrast to the traditions and conventions of Pukhtuns and Pukhtunwali. We will definitely not talk about your sister, who resides abroad, can’t even speak a word of Pashto. You call yourself a proud Pukhtun? Well, how about teaching her how to cover her body by not wearing revealing garments? We will leave it at that!

She hasn’t even hesitated to slander Imran Khan by calling him characterless person and as unholy and unfit for becoming PM of this country and that he be tried under article 62 and 63 of the constitution. Ironically, all this she recalled after being with him for years, and now all of a sudden he is the beast when elections are round the corner!

Ayesha was elected (more aptly ‘selected’) to the National Assembly on a reserved seat – How can you win an election, that too, from NA-1? Besides, what makes you realize you can ask for tickets? Its not any other party that makes decisions based on someone’s looks. Its the vote bank that a prospective candidate can garner and potential to win. Besides, she has lost elections first on PPP’s ticket and then in the Gen. Musharaf era. When she came to PTI, chairman Imran Khan selected her out of the four candidates, and so cleared her way to the parliament for the first time. Now she is accusing her very benefactor. This is not and can never be in line with the traditions of Pukhtuns and Pukhtunwali.

Finally, and this is for everyone who is against Imran Khan, never forget two things:

Midas Touch: Whoever allies themselves with Imran Khan, becomes immortal in the political history of Pakistan, is shot to fame, gets their name embossed notwithstanding their inconspicuous persona in the past. Her being one of the sort!

Sidam Touch: And whoever deserts Imran Khan, they get forgotten, not even becoming a part of history, go back into oblivion notwithstanding their stature, of the likes of Javed Hashmi, whom now people consider a rabid dog and a lunatic.

This is not to say, that he is angelic, but what God has bestowed him with because he is doing his best for the sake of this country in good faith – and as per Prophet Muhammad’s saying, everything depends upon faith and intent.

She will be on TVs for a few days and then bang, she will be forgotten like so many big wigs of politics after throwing the gauntlet to Imran Khan. Remember that – always!

میری ہستی کی میں کیا مثال دوں تمہیں

لوگ مشہور ہوگۓ مجھے بدنام کرتے کرتے

Lampooning the Pukhtuns

On this Eid-ul-fitr, Pakistan’s National TV, PTV, aired a program by the name ‘Hasna Mana Hai’ in which a poet named Jawad Hassan Jawad made fun of Pukhtuns and humiliated them. In his poetry, he labelled them as Terrorists, Smugglers, Naswar-eaters and stinking creatures.

I am not surprised to see and hear ridicule and derision of Pukhtuns. This is definitely not the first incident. We have been laughed at, ridiculed, caricatured, depicted as terrorists, looked-down upon in this Land of the Pure, promoted as Truck Drivers, Chowkidars, Nokars, Stupid and dumb creatures, and as Narrow minded aliens, as Mullahs, as Pedophiles and what not!

Punjabi Ethnocentrism has already led to the breakage of Pakistan in 1971. They can be frequently seen mocking Baluchs, FATA’s and now KP’s people and their cultures. They think they are better than us, the Pukhtuns. I cannot figure if this is inferiority complex or superiority complex. They forget to see their ugly faces in the mirror. They know they are not better than us, they know it! That is the very raison d’être of their hatred. This hatred is been reflected in every aspect of our life in this country, on a daily basis, right from the inception till date. I don’t know what to call ourselves, – Cowards, may be or Indecisive? We seem to have nerves of steel to be capable of tolerating this nonsensical abasement for 70 years now. They did the very same to Bangalis, too.

Either they don’t know anything about the history of Pukhtuns or know a lot about it. In either case, they know they aren’t better than us.

Father of the Pukhtuns, Qais Abdur Rashid, did bait on the hands of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) himself and converted to Islam. Can you match his honor, O Punjabi brethren?

Qais also married the daughter of the greatest of Muslim military commanders, Khalid Bin Walid. Can you even imagine matching this honor in the farthest of your thoughts?

We are smugglers, right? Firstly, those are Aghanis that do smuggling across the border not Pakistani Pukhtuns. But lets not haggle about it, and granted we are Smugglers. Lets say we smuggle TVs and Cars at most, right? What did your Punjabis do to the whole country? Didn’t Nawaz Sharif sell out the whole of Pakistan? Didn’t Gen. Shuja Pasha sell out the whole of Pakistan? I think these are bigger deals than mere smuggling and are incidents that are still fresh in the news. I can recount many others of the like.

We are Naswar-khor, right? So what? Pukhtuns are not the only people who consume it – People in most of the Central Asian states, Russia, India and Iran also consume it. In fact, a variant of it is also extremely popular in Sweden, called Snus. Also, Naswar is, like most of the drugs, Western invention, not Pukhtun’s. Why should it be associated with the names of Pukhtuns? Merely to humiliate them? It is a drug and should be kept as such not as a tool to make fun of a whole ethnic group.

We are Terrorists! Okay, but what about Punjabi terrorists? The actual creators of this whole terrorism in South Asia? Who are the recruits and master minds of Lashkar e Jhangvi, Sipah e Sahaba, Jaish e Muhammad, Lashkar e Tayyaba, etc. etc. In fact, most of the Daesh‘s recruits and master minds come from Punjab. Not only that, we have seen, in recent past, many of them have been involved in hideous activities like terrorism and sexual harassment etc. in the Western and Middle Eastern countries.

We are Pedophiles, right? But every now and then, we see in the news the Punjabi Pedophiles raping little girls and boys, often times killing them after. In fact, most of the times, the heinous criminals used to record videos of rape, and sell it online. Recent cases like Sargodha and Kasur porn scandals are merely tip of the iceberg.

We are Chowkidars? Yes, proudly so! We have been your Chowkidars for the last 70 years since your army is unable to do their bit of Chowkidari. It takes balls to do Chowkidari. You don’t have them. On and off, Kashmir ki Chowkidari – Pukhtuno ki Zimadari. When you sense a fight between India and Pakistan is about to happen, we often see Punjabi-controlled media showing the most patriotic and loyal-to-the-land Pukhtuns, telling us to find them in the front ranks to fight against the enemy, exciting them to fight for them in case of war. There is a very thin line between Madness/Stupidity and extreme Gallantry and Patriotism. We call it gallantry and patriotism, Punjabis call it Stupidity. Its a matter of perspective actually!

I can go on and on for the rest of stereotypes (about Pukhtuns) as well but will call it a day!

I can stereotype Punjabis as non-observant of Fasts, as free Farters, as obsessed dancers who dance to biscuits, to detergents, to soaps, to shampoos, to mobile products, to the new crop, to agri-products, even to funerals, as greenish-yellow skinned sub-humans, who regularly eat dogs and donkeys, who indulge in child pornography, and commit child molestation etc. etc. but won’t say anything more than that!

At the time when the country needs unity and oneness, Punjabis are dividing it, making schisms after schisms, deriding other ethnic groups, making them the subject of their jests, discriminating against them as each and every level and in every possible way. At the time when our motherland needs us to unite as one people, Punjabis are dividing us into different nations. At the time when our country’s alienated people need to be wooed over back, welcomed back into the folds and laps of this beautiful land, appeased and deemed as equal Pakistanis, Punjabis are hell bent on destroying the very fabric of the state from which it was tailored by fostering the seeds of hatred, – also sown by them.

It is high time we come together as one people, as Pakistanis! Unless and until that happens, we will continue to play in the hands of the enemies, using us against each other for their own designs. But for that to happen, we should heartily accept each other and try to spread love instead of hatred, observe unity instead of strife, and harmony instead of dissonance!

Finally PEMRA should take notice of this and make the poet apologize on TV.

Misogyny – Thy name is PMLN!

The use of offensive language against the male counterparts is quite a norm in the ruling Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz party, but hurling lewd remarks, caricaturing, uttering abuses and vulgar comments, and false accusations representing the utmost disgust and hatred for women are the hallmarks of PMLN.

Members of the said party had been involved in slandering and mud-slinging against the erstwhile Prime Minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto, whose very intimate photos were thrown down and disseminated in a conservative area just to discredit her – stripping her of her dignity, Mrs. Nusrat Bhutto pictures were also dropped from planes for the very same evil purpose and Jemima Goldsmith, who they accused of smuggling antiquities out of Pakistan let alone calling her a ‘Jewish lobby’ and pestered her to the extent whereby she couldn’t afford to stay anymore in Pakistan and so led to the dissolution of her marriage with Imran Khan.

After Imran Khan married Reham Khan, they had alleged her of being a British women who is oblivious of the Islamic injunctions and norms and values of Pakistani society and that she dances with ghair mahram men and released her videos on social media and calling her a ‘weather girl’ with no journalism degree whatsoever!

Furthermore, they tried to muzzle and blackmail late governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer, by making public the intimate photos of his daughter.

One of the ministers of PMLN, who carries a persona of an educated and well-read gentleman but lacking even the very basics of ethics and morality had caricatured a female member of assembly right on the floor of the parliament. He had uttered lewd remarks and was joined in this indecent and lascivious exercise of spewing indecent and misogynistic comments by his party peers. The very same MP had caricatured a female MP of PML-Q by calling her ‘Penguin’ when she walked with a wobble.

Another minister belonging to the same wretched party passed quite a lustful comment on a female MP of PTI during a parliamentary debate.

This was then followed by accusing Ayesha Gulalai of being held by police for carrying hashish and liquor which later proved a mere slander and farther from the truth.

The tale doesn’t end here! They have accused their own worker, Samiah Choudhary, of being a drug addict while she was found dead in the room of federal lodges allotted to MNA Choudhary Ashraf of PMLN. The investigation report later confirmed, she was raped and killed afterwards.

Also, stories of Hamza Shahbaz, son of Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif, are well-known. He has had his wife, Ayesha Ahad, beaten by Punjab police in the jail while he himself stood there watching this sorry spectacle.

During the PTI Dharna of 2014, a lot of women participated in the protest which the PMLN termed as Mujra.

On Mar 9, another MP of PMLN used extremely uncouth and insulting language against the female members of PTI’s MP. The MP had the guts to tell all this in a media talk right outside the parliament! The same party members couldn’t get enough of extolling the so called sanctity of the parliament and the use of decent, civilized and parliamentary language.

These are merely a few examples of the Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz’s hatred for women, always targeting them for character assassination and harassing them in whichever manner they deem good.  In this regard, the criminal silence of its leaders, especially the female members, is particularly condemnable and very unfortunate. This party is founded on the disgust for women – This party bleeds misogyny!

Plight of the Pashtuns And the Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Province

When the war between the former Soviet Union and the Afghan Mujahideen began who were backed by the then Pakistan, General Zia-ul-Haq, offered the Afghan refugees to come to Pakistan and take refuge. He also appealed to the people of Pakistan to welcome them and give them food and shelter as a sign of good-will gesture and that they are our brothers-in-faith.

This offer of the erstwhile President literally wreaked a havoc over the populace of the then NWFP, and aided to channelize the exodus from Afghanistan into the KP Province only. If he was that much desperate why didn’t he ask the administrations of the rest of the provinces to help those refugees, too? Well, He obviously meant the KP province to suffer the hardships only. He wanted to exercise his claim of being a hospitable nation, while implicitly implying only Khyber Pukhtunkhwa province.

The same sorry state of affairs is once again at the threshold of this poor, poverty stricken and terrorism-plagued province as the IDPs of North Waziristan are fleeing their land and coming to KP. It is the only province to bear the ‘Hospitality’ of those IDPs as the Heart of Pakistan – Punjab – has already closed its doors to those IDPs over certain lame excuses. Some of them fear the spread of Polio while others remain in the awe of terrorism import in the guise of refugees.

Sindh Government led by the Pakistan Peoples Party, who claim to be the only true National Party of Pakistan, has already deployed the Rangers over its border to not allow any IDP into its territory. This act of PPP has already forfeited its claim to be the true National party representing and voicing for the whole country and all of its ethnicities.

The IDPs of North Waziristan are not even allowed to cross into Afghanistan where they are reportedly being welcomed and are comfortable than in the camps here in Bannu and DI Khan.

IDPs from NWA fleeing for safer areas with the herd of cattle. [Courtesy BBC Urdu]
KP has been suffering since the Soviet war in Afghanistan and this predicament has fortified and reinforced with the War on Terror. The Pakistan Army has been engaged in operations against the extremists and militants in various parts of the Province, e.g. Swat, Bara, and almost all the FATA region. This has caused a huge influx of the people to move to the safer places like Peshawar, Charsadda, Mardan, Swabi, DI Khan, etc. This inrush has left the aforementioned areas in quandary as the resources are not enough to meet the needs of such a large number of people. In fact, Pressure on Peshawar, in terms of being populous, is so much so that it literally is about to implode.

Meanwhile the PML-N government is not doing enough to facilitate them. In fact, Abdul Qadir Baloch of PML-N party, who is in charge of the affairs of IDPs, has said that computer registration of the IDPs has been initiated that would facilitate the government to help them in appropriate way. Giving such statements clearly shows that he is only playing to the gallery. How come a person would have fetched his/her ID card while they were in such a hurry and had been given the deadline to evacuate the areas urgently on such a short notice. Also, those who have now arrived here, how would they go back to their homes and fetch an ID card for the honorable Mr. Baluch to get their issues (like ration and financing) iron-out.

The Pakistan Army has vowed to end terrorism and eliminate all the terrorists now once and for all as it launched its current offensive against the ‘suspected’ terrorists under the name ‘Zarb e Azb’. We hope that all its claims be fulfilled and come true but a serious note, knowing the history of past operations and its results, one cannot hold on to much hope of Terrorism abolishment and Peace establishment.

The only thing I know is that there is no such thing as Pakistani, there is Baluchi, Sindhi, Pukhtun, or Punjabi etc. If it wouldn’t have been so, they would have all been welcoming those wretched people with open arms and warm hearts.