Misogyny – Thy name is PMLN!

The use of offensive language against the male counterparts is quite a norm in the ruling Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz party, but hurling lewd remarks, caricaturing, uttering abuses and vulgar comments, and false accusations representing the utmost disgust and hatred for women are the hallmarks of PMLN.

Members of the said party had been involved in slandering and mud-slinging against the erstwhile Prime Minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto, whose very intimate photos were thrown down and disseminated in a conservative area just to discredit her – stripping her of her dignity, Mrs. Nusrat Bhutto pictures were also dropped from planes for the very same evil purpose and Jemima Goldsmith, who they accused of smuggling antiquities out of Pakistan let alone calling her a ‘Jewish lobby’ and pestered her to the extent whereby she couldn’t afford to stay anymore in Pakistan and so led to the dissolution of her marriage with Imran Khan.

After Imran Khan married Reham Khan, they had alleged her of being a British women who is oblivious of the Islamic injunctions and norms and values of Pakistani society and that she dances with ghair mahram men and released her videos on social media and calling her a ‘weather girl’ with no journalism degree whatsoever!

Furthermore, they tried to muzzle and blackmail late governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer, by making public the intimate photos of his daughter.

One of the ministers of PMLN, who carries a persona of an educated and well-read gentleman but lacking even the very basics of ethics and morality had caricatured a female member of assembly right on the floor of the parliament. He had uttered lewd remarks and was joined in this indecent and lascivious exercise of spewing indecent and misogynistic comments by his party peers. The very same MP had caricatured a female MP of PML-Q by calling her ‘Penguin’ when she walked with a wobble.

Another minister belonging to the same wretched party passed quite a lustful comment on a female MP of PTI during a parliamentary debate.

This was then followed by accusing Ayesha Gulalai of being held by police for carrying hashish and liquor which later proved a mere slander and farther from the truth.

The tale doesn’t end here! They have accused their own worker, Samiah Choudhary, of being a drug addict while she was found dead in the room of federal lodges allotted to MNA Choudhary Ashraf of PMLN. The investigation report later confirmed, she was raped and killed afterwards.

Also, stories of Hamza Shahbaz, son of Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif, are well-known. He has had his wife, Ayesha Ahad, beaten by Punjab police in the jail while he himself stood there watching this sorry spectacle.

During the PTI Dharna of 2014, a lot of women participated in the protest which the PMLN termed as Mujra.

On Mar 9, another MP of PMLN used extremely uncouth and insulting language against the female members of PTI’s MP. The MP had the guts to tell all this in a media talk right outside the parliament! The same party members couldn’t get enough of extolling the so called sanctity of the parliament and the use of decent, civilized and parliamentary language.

These are merely a few examples of the Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz’s hatred for women, always targeting them for character assassination and harassing them in whichever manner they deem good.  In this regard, the criminal silence of its leaders, especially the female members, is particularly condemnable and very unfortunate. This party is founded on the disgust for women – This party bleeds misogyny!

Plight of the Pashtuns And the Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Province

When the war between the former Soviet Union and the Afghan Mujahideen began who were backed by the then Pakistan, General Zia-ul-Haq, offered the Afghan refugees to come to Pakistan and take refuge. He also appealed to the people of Pakistan to welcome them and give them food and shelter as a sign of good-will gesture and that they are our brothers-in-faith.

This offer of the erstwhile President literally wreaked a havoc over the populace of the then NWFP, and aided to channelize the exodus from Afghanistan into the KP Province only. If he was that much desperate why didn’t he ask the administrations of the rest of the provinces to help those refugees, too? Well, He obviously meant the KP province to suffer the hardships only. He wanted to exercise his claim of being a hospitable nation, while implicitly implying only Khyber Pukhtunkhwa province.

The same sorry state of affairs is once again at the threshold of this poor, poverty stricken and terrorism-plagued province as the IDPs of North Waziristan are fleeing their land and coming to KP. It is the only province to bear the ‘Hospitality’ of those IDPs as the Heart of Pakistan – Punjab – has already closed its doors to those IDPs over certain lame excuses. Some of them fear the spread of Polio while others remain in the awe of terrorism import in the guise of refugees.

Sindh Government led by the Pakistan Peoples Party, who claim to be the only true National Party of Pakistan, has already deployed the Rangers over its border to not allow any IDP into its territory. This act of PPP has already forfeited its claim to be the true National party representing and voicing for the whole country and all of its ethnicities.

The IDPs of North Waziristan are not even allowed to cross into Afghanistan where they are reportedly being welcomed and are comfortable than in the camps here in Bannu and DI Khan.

IDPs from NWA are fleeing for safer areas with the herd of cattle.

KP has been suffering since the Soviet war in Afghanistan and this predicament has fortified and reinforced with the War on Terror. The Pakistan Army has been engaged in operations against the extremists and militants in various parts of the Province, e.g. Swat, Bara, and almost all the FATA region. This has caused a huge influx of the people to move to the safer places like Peshawar, Charsadda, Mardan, Swabi, DI Khan, etc. This inrush has left the aforementioned areas in quandary as the resources are not enough to meet the needs of such a large number of people. In fact, Pressure on Peshawar, in terms of being populous, is so much so that it literally is about to implode.

Meanwhile the PML-N government is not doing enough to facilitate them. In fact, Abdul Qadir Baloch of PML-N party, who is in charge of the affairs of IDPs, has said that computer registration of the IDPs has been initiated that would facilitate the government to help them in appropriate way. Giving such statements clearly shows that he is only playing to the gallery. How come a person would have fetched his/her ID card while they were in such a hurry and had been given the deadline to evacuate the areas urgently on such a short notice. Also, those who have now arrived here, how would they go back to their homes and fetch an ID card for the honorable Mr. Baluch to get their issues (like ration and financing) iron-out.

The Pakistan Army has vowed to end terrorism and eliminate all the terrorists now once and for all as it launched its current offensive against the ‘suspected’ terrorists under the name ‘Zarb e Azb’. We hope that all its claims be fulfilled and come true but a serious note, knowing the history of past operations and its results, one cannot hold on to much hope of Terrorism abolishment and Peace establishment.

The only thing I know is that there is no such thing as Pakistani, there is Baluchi, Sindhi, Pukhtun, or Punjabi etc. If it wouldn’t have been so, they would have all been welcoming those wretched people with open arms and warm hearts.