Opportunist lot and Crises – Not a good Fit!

Ayesha with the means of her fame, name and success – Imran Khan

Yesterday the whole media was inundated with the news of renegade Ayesha Gulalai.

She has made some serious allegations against the party chairman, Imran Khan. She has alleged that Imran Khan sent her some text messages on her phone that were full of turpitude. Also, she said that Imran Khan is a drinker and often times parties at Banigala with his friends, and that at one instance she was asked to participate in such a party.

She touts her pseudo-amour propre but horribly fails to justify as to why she has been with Imran Khan for four years when she had received such messages four years back? Was she enjoying them? Why won’t she just distance herself from the party? Was she ready to barter her so called self-esteem for some gains in the form of party post, party ticket to contest elections, or some other material benefit? There are news of her being strongly inclined towards Imran Khan for the sake of marrying him.

She says that Imran Khan’s Black Berry phone should be investigated to see whether or not he sent her the messages. Well, If you say that you received those messages, you should have straightaway shown it in the press conference from you own phone. Why didn’t you do that?

The underlining fact is that she was a sleeper in PTI, who has now been unleashed by her masters. Amir Muqam of PML-N has reportedly met her a week ago, and offered her a huge sum of money. Well, money can make the mare go! PML-N can see that the Foreign Funding case is about to come out in PTI’s favor, and so is the case with Banigala case. This is why they have regressed back to their original style of politics, i.e. levelling baseless personal allegations, mud-slinging, slandering, etc.

Its a good trend of riddance to the turncoats that happen to be around for their own vested self-interest. Khan’s vision is our end, to be achieved by virtue of untiring struggle, persistence, courage to speak the truth, support the truth and what is good, and raise voice against what our conscience deems wrong. This is very difficult a thing to do, esp. in the face of such opposition aka league of the crooks.

But what irks me the most is when people play some infamous cards like victim card (of being discriminated against, not getting time to talk to the top brass, etc.), feminist card (for being ignored because of their gender), religious card (using religion in case they fail to meet their vested objectives), or nationalist card (by trying to be superior through race or ethnicity).

Sadly, Ayesha has used all of the above. She said, she cannot digest degradation of fellow women, allegedly, by party workers at the behest of their chairman, i.e. Imran Khan, and that she is a Pukhtun to whom nothing is dearer than her dignity. Well, I won’t say anything about her father, her own ‘westernized’ living style, westernized education, in addition to her political career – which is in total contrast to the traditions and conventions of Pukhtuns and Pukhtunwali. We will definitely not talk about your sister, who resides abroad, can’t even speak a word of Pashto. You call yourself a proud Pukhtun? Well, how about teaching her how to cover her body by not wearing revealing garments? We will leave it at that!

She hasn’t even hesitated to slander Imran Khan by calling him characterless person and as unholy and unfit for becoming PM of this country and that he be tried under article 62 and 63 of the constitution. Ironically, all this she recalled after being with him for years, and now all of a sudden he is the beast when elections are round the corner!

Ayesha was elected (more aptly ‘selected’) to the National Assembly on a reserved seat – How can you win an election, that too, from NA-1? Besides, what makes you realize you can ask for tickets? Its not any other party that makes decisions based on someone’s looks. Its the vote bank that a prospective candidate can garner and potential to win. Besides, she has lost elections first on PPP’s ticket and then in the Gen. Musharaf era. When she came to PTI, chairman Imran Khan selected her out of the four candidates, and so cleared her way to the parliament for the first time. Now she is accusing her very benefactor. This is not and can never be in line with the traditions of Pukhtuns and Pukhtunwali.

Finally, and this is for everyone who is against Imran Khan, never forget two things:

Midas Touch: Whoever allies themselves with Imran Khan, becomes immortal in the political history of Pakistan, is shot to fame, gets their name embossed notwithstanding their inconspicuous persona in the past. Her being one of the sort!

Sidam Touch: And whoever deserts Imran Khan, they get forgotten, not even becoming a part of history, go back into oblivion notwithstanding their stature, of the likes of Javed Hashmi, whom now people consider a rabid dog and a lunatic.

This is not to say, that he is angelic, but what God has bestowed him with because he is doing his best for the sake of this country in good faith – and as per Prophet Muhammad’s saying, everything depends upon faith and intent.

She will be on TVs for a few days and then bang, she will be forgotten like so many big wigs of politics after throwing the gauntlet to Imran Khan. Remember that – always!

میری ہستی کی میں کیا مثال دوں تمہیں

لوگ مشہور ہوگۓ مجھے بدنام کرتے کرتے


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