Lampooning the Pukhtuns

On this Eid-ul-fitr, Pakistan’s National TV, PTV, aired a program by the name ‘Hasna Mana Hai’ in which a poet named Jawad Hassan Jawad made fun of Pukhtuns and humiliated them. In his poetry, he labelled them as Terrorists, Smugglers, Naswar-eaters and stinking creatures.

I am not surprised to see and hear ridicule and derision of Pukhtuns. This is definitely not the first incident. We have been laughed at, ridiculed, caricatured, depicted as terrorists, looked-down upon in this Land of the Pure, promoted as Truck Drivers, Chowkidars, Nokars, Stupid and dumb creatures, and as Narrow minded aliens, as Mullahs, as Pedophiles and what not!

Punjabi Ethnocentrism has already led to the breakage of Pakistan in 1971. They can be frequently seen mocking Baluchs, FATA’s and now KP’s people and their cultures. They think they are better than us, the Pukhtuns. I cannot figure if this is inferiority complex or superiority complex. They forget to see their ugly faces in the mirror. They know they are not better than us, they know it! That is the very raison d’être of their hatred. This hatred is been reflected in every aspect of our life in this country, on a daily basis, right from the inception till date. I don’t know what to call ourselves, – Cowards, may be or Indecisive? We seem to have nerves of steel to be capable of tolerating this nonsensical abasement for 70 years now. They did the very same to Bangalis, too.

Either they don’t know anything about the history of Pukhtuns or know a lot about it. In either case, they know they aren’t better than us.

Father of the Pukhtuns, Qais Abdur Rashid, did bait on the hands of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) himself and converted to Islam. Can you match his honor, O Punjabi brethren?

Qais also married the daughter of the greatest of Muslim military commanders, Khalid Bin Walid. Can you even imagine matching this honor in the farthest of your thoughts?

We are smugglers, right? Firstly, those are Aghanis that do smuggling across the border not Pakistani Pukhtuns. But lets not haggle about it, and granted we are Smugglers. Lets say we smuggle TVs and Cars at most, right? What did your Punjabis do to the whole country? Didn’t Nawaz Sharif sell out the whole of Pakistan? Didn’t Gen. Shuja Pasha sell out the whole of Pakistan? I think these are bigger deals than mere smuggling and are incidents that are still fresh in the news. I can recount many others of the like.

We are Naswar-khor, right? So what? Pukhtuns are not the only people who consume it – People in most of the Central Asian states, Russia, India and Iran also consume it. In fact, a variant of it is also extremely popular in Sweden, called Snus. Also, Naswar is, like most of the drugs, Western invention, not Pukhtun’s. Why should it be associated with the names of Pukhtuns? Merely to humiliate them? It is a drug and should be kept as such not as a tool to make fun of a whole ethnic group.

We are Terrorists! Okay, but what about Punjabi terrorists? The actual creators of this whole terrorism in South Asia? Who are the recruits and master minds of Lashkar e Jhangvi, Sipah e Sahaba, Jaish e Muhammad, Lashkar e Tayyaba, etc. etc. In fact, most of the Daesh‘s recruits and master minds come from Punjab. Not only that, we have seen, in recent past, many of them have been involved in hideous activities like terrorism and sexual harassment etc. in the Western and Middle Eastern countries.

We are Pedophiles, right? But every now and then, we see in the news the Punjabi Pedophiles raping little girls and boys, often times killing them after. In fact, most of the times, the heinous criminals used to record videos of rape, and sell it online. Recent cases like Sargodha and Kasur porn scandals are merely tip of the iceberg.

We are Chowkidars? Yes, proudly so! We have been your Chowkidars for the last 70 years since your army is unable to do their bit of Chowkidari. It takes balls to do Chowkidari. You don’t have them. On and off, Kashmir ki Chowkidari – Pukhtuno ki Zimadari. When you sense a fight between India and Pakistan is about to happen, we often see Punjabi-controlled media showing the most patriotic and loyal-to-the-land Pukhtuns, telling us to find them in the front ranks to fight against the enemy, exciting them to fight for them in case of war. There is a very thin line between Madness/Stupidity and extreme Gallantry and Patriotism. We call it gallantry and patriotism, Punjabis call it Stupidity. Its a matter of perspective actually!

I can go on and on for the rest of stereotypes (about Pukhtuns) as well but will call it a day!

I can stereotype Punjabis as non-observant of Fasts, as free Farters, as obsessed dancers who dance to biscuits, to detergents, to soaps, to shampoos, to mobile products, to the new crop, to agri-products, even to funerals, as greenish-yellow skinned sub-humans, who regularly eat dogs and donkeys, who indulge in child pornography, and commit child molestation etc. etc. but won’t say anything more than that!

At the time when the country needs unity and oneness, Punjabis are dividing it, making schisms after schisms, deriding other ethnic groups, making them the subject of their jests, discriminating against them as each and every level and in every possible way. At the time when our motherland needs us to unite as one people, Punjabis are dividing us into different nations. At the time when our country’s alienated people need to be wooed over back, welcomed back into the folds and laps of this beautiful land, appeased and deemed as equal Pakistanis, Punjabis are hell bent on destroying the very fabric of the state from which it was tailored by fostering the seeds of hatred, – also sown by them.

It is high time we come together as one people, as Pakistanis! Unless and until that happens, we will continue to play in the hands of the enemies, using us against each other for their own designs. But for that to happen, we should heartily accept each other and try to spread love instead of hatred, observe unity instead of strife, and harmony instead of dissonance!

Finally PEMRA should take notice of this and make the poet apologize on TV.


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