I am a misfit in this world!

Away from technology, away from hectic days of urban life, away from society!

In Feb 2017, I completed my Bachelor Degree. Despite the fact that I have graduated with flying colors, I don’t have any idea of my course in life. What am I going to do from now onwards? What is my future? What should I do vis-à-vis my career? What to do about my own financial security? What steps should I take for self-sustenance etc.?

There could be no two opinions on the fact that I want to take a job accordant with my educational qualifications, but those sorts of jobs require you to have at least three years of experience which baffles a fresher’s mind as to where you will start off when you don’t have that much experience in the first place. But when you eventually do get some low-paying job, way below your level, another sword hangs over your head; that of being ‘overage’ – a disqualifying differential! Besides, by the time one reaches that point, one has already lost all the enthusiasm and zest for seeking a job and doesn’t actively commit him/herself to job searching.

Personally, I have no issues whatsoever with doing some menial or lowly job as the ultimate rationale is to live a dignified life with peace of mind, but that I can’t do on two grounds:

First, I can’t get an inferior job because I am rejected on grounds of being overqualified in this cadre, and secondly, even if I succeed in securing one, I would be looked down upon by my contemporaries, friends, and family, esp. if they are better off as compared to me for opting for a low-grade job. In such an environment, coupled with many other reasons and factors (mentioned below), I cannot survive. I have developed a syndrome of detestation for this world at large and this society, in particular. I deem myself a misfit in this society with misplaced priorities which, in my humble opinion, has caused the entropy that we see in the world today. I wish I could run away, to avoid even the furthest tentacles of this poisoned place and poisoned people with poisoned minds.

But if there were no societal burdens to attend to, or perhaps because of the very nature of our society and our people, I would love to retreat, or rather run away to some faraway place, to some mountain or jungle, where there are no human beings around – which is quite a paradoxical thing to say, where there is no concept of jealousy, no leg-pulling, self-consciousness and showing off for the fear of being laughed at and mocked or despised, where there is no concept of being angry because one forgot to pay Salam to you, where there is no enmity on account of being oblivious of the insalubrity of some distant cousin, where there is no tension of lack of material affluence, where there is no fear of being exploited or taking advantage of someone, where the idea of power and authority is not known, where there is no infringement on rights, where there is no corruption, where there is no adulteration, where there is no oppression, where there is no factory, no pollution, where there is no concept of war, no concept of weapons, no reason to fight, no disputes, no nationalism, no boundaries, no rules, no chauvinism, no fake piety, no hypocrisy, no politics, no medium whatsoever to be connected with anyone! no sorrow of seeing the old and elderly being humiliated for their rightful rights.

A place where there is no sorrow of seeing the old and elderly being humiliated. No sorrow of seeing a little girl or boy stripped of their dignity. No sorrow of seeing unemployed youth with a plethora of degrees wandering around from office to office, dropping resumes, pleading for a job and getting ridiculed. No sorrow of seeing a young man beaten to death over exhibition of his culture, or perhaps where there will be no culture at all. Where there will be no looters of national wealth. Where there would be no concept of labor, no concept of punishment, no complex philosophy of morality and ethics. Where hate will be unknown, where there will be no black or white magic, no fast moving conveyance systems with people who have no time on hand, no such hectic schedule. A place where there will be no injustice, no discrimination, no favoritism, no racism, no laws to regulate lives of people if there are any, where they will not be judged on the basis of cast, creed or color, or the way they dress, or the way they tend to look – where all will be at par with each other, all equal – as one human race, a fraternity above all the differences.

We don’t belong to the world that we see and live in today! Every soul on the face of this planet is wild and free. Everyone wishes to live in such a free place – a place where there will be peace of mind, serene ambiance, pollution-free environment with a perfect eco-system, where plants, animals, and humans live in complete harmony – all contributing to the eternal bliss, eternal love and eternal well-being!

I dream of such a place, I wish it could one day materialize! Amen

[ Originally Published on the Voices of Youth website
 (http://www.voicesofyouth.org/en/posts/i-am-a-misfit-in-this-world) ]

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