What Is Materialism?

What is materialism? t’is but the lust for money,

transcending all the norms and values of humanity,

totally devoid of love and morality,

to the refined minds, it is only insanity,

because there is no limit to cupidity.


What is materialism? t’is but schism after schism,

judging people on the principles of capitalism,

encouraging absolute hedonism rather than utilitarianism!

juxtaposing with the resourceful lot; seen as dandyism,

little do they know – affluent are those with no ism.


What is materialism? t’is but a constant state of phobia,

states fighting with states, people with people over trivia,

extolling materialism; turning the world into a utopia,

but what happened to Somalia, Mesopotamia, and Libya?

aren’t these the blessings of Capitalism? presented as panacea!


So lets join hands, for the sake of humanity,

irrespective of cast, creed, money and not for vanity,

casting aside all the enmity,

leap out of all the materialistic mentality,

and come together as one fraternity!