The flirter

Daisy, O Daisy!,

You! My love, drive me crazy,

I am cold, gloomy and sad but,

Upon seeing you, I feel cozy.


Your elegant gait, your enchanting physiognomy,

Who can withstand, let alone me?

Your svelte hands, slender lips, golden hair,

All combine to fill me with glee.


Why do you exchange glances?

Noticing it, my heart dances,

But I remain oblivious of its meaning,

If it’s warning, or implicit chances?


I’ve tried, travailed, and did my best,

Because I couldn’t resist,

But ‘a faint heart never won a fair lady’,

Hence sift me through the list.


I love you – I wanted to tell you,

But learnt you already had a beau,

So who am I, to meddle in your affairs?

Bid me farewell, – Adieu!


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